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Energetic healing Recordings



Sacred Subconscious Energy Healing Recordings

Alleviate depression and anxiety

Gain wisdom

Connects you with the frequencies of Love

Clears fears and Trauma

Everything is Energy. Beyond the traditional focus on mindset and conscious thoughts, there is the truth of who you truly are on a soul level. The authentic you wants to show up and be visibly free from fear, guilt, shame, judgment, and feelings of unworthiness.

Unfortunately, there remains a gap between emotional intelligence and the programming, trapped emotions, and beliefs that drive the behaviors, patterns, and habits stored in our conscious and subconscious minds.

The ability to heal ourselves leads to increased confidence, creativity, collaboration, and feelings of clarity and focus. As you develop you become better equipped to handle everyday situations without burnout or overwhelm.

You will open up and channel your full energy out into the world so you can rise up with grace and achieve your highest vision of your deepest desires.

The energetic healing recordings are sacred energies that bridge the gap.

Energetic Healing Experiences Available

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energetic healing Sessions



45-minutes one-time individual session

Dissolves hidden trauma

rise out of struggle

raises your vibration

Healing in the subconscious Mind

Each individual session is customized for your current concern for healing and is recorded for your continued listening and subconscious reprogramming. Utilizing Sacred Soul Alignments, Reiki, Sacred Light and blending these sacred energies have the ability to effortlessly align your personal vibration and frequency to specific Universal frequencies that allow you to unlock positive energetic states of being such as abundance, peace, joy, happiness, health, love, compassion, and that incomparably beautiful sense of Oneness and connection to All That Is.

Sacred Soul Alignments are sacred energies of pure light and love. The Alignments heal all aspects of who we are - the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual layers of our existence- and they heal all negative experiences of your soul journey across all timelines and dimensions.

Sacred Soul Alignments is a gentle yet extraordinary powerful healing modality that transcends the bounds of time and space. It amplifies your manifestation and co-creation abilities at the highest level so you can experience lasting transformations and attain divine unconditional self-love, inner peace and alignment with your authentic soul.

Imagine Living The Dream!

I am so grateful to work with Debbie. She is intuitive, loving, and a true healer. She tapped into my true self so quickly in our first call that I felt safe to share my concerns with her right away.

Working with her gave me a sense of deep peace and understanding of myself and my life. The healing recording continues to open me up to more connection and release of old patterns. I am so happy Debbie's in my life and I get the honor of working with her.

- Linda


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