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Safety In Our Won Bodies

Everyone has experienced some form of physical, emotional, mental or spiritual trauma. Theses' traumas create blocks and barriers which causes us to not feel safe in our bodies. It’s important to
empower yourself again so that you can reclaim your agency and come back to a sense of choice and be able to create a sense of safety within yourself.

Being True to Yourself

Throughout life we always question, the BIG why. Why am I pursuing this career, why am I doing these things instead of following what others are doing?

In this Light Up Your Worth episode host Debbie McAllister, and entrepreneur, Leonie Dawson dive into the importance of self-care and staying true to yourself. Everyone wants to compare themselves to other people and the things they are doing but really who cares! Stop comparing yourself to others and be a freaking Zebra!

Breaking Away From Unrealistic Standards

Over the years women have been conditioned and told by society that we have to be a certain way. We have had a set of standards placed on us like the way we look, or how we behave and if we veer away from these standards then we are not deemed acceptable.

Working Through Limiting Beliefs

As women, there are times when we feel like we can’t be fully vocal and use our voice, especially when we are in a male dominant space. It’s time to start learning how to use our voice and to break away from the fear of speaking our truth!

Breaking Away From Good Girl Mentality

It is time to stop being scared to invest in yourself!! You should not feel guilty or ashamed to learn new ways to help you work through your past traumas and finally be you!

Prana Energy Work and Chakras

When it comes to conflict, our natural instinct is flight or fight. We try everything we can to avoid conflict but in reality, we have to go through some kind of conflict to teach us something in our lives.

The Power of Heart Centered Presence and Connection

How can we look at ourselves not just from a physical plane but also the mental, emotional and energetic plane? There are so many different paths to heal but whatever path you take it’s important to heal all four of those aspects.

Breaking Professional Blocks to Stop the Impact on Our Financial Success

Through life we go through a lot of stressful and emotional situations. All of this negative energy is then stored in our body and our bodies never forget. When we not only release the body memory but the emotional charge around the issues, this is what helps create the emotional and mental freedom and then this is when we are truly free.

How We Connect to Animals

Have you ever felt a strong connection with mother nature? Maybe you have had this feeling of being able to communicate with animals but wasn’t quite sure? These are not things you are imagining.

Calling the Shots Using Human Design

There is no cookie cutter way for people to do things in life. We may follow people who share the same interest and business ideas who are successful and look like they are doing everything perfectly. We then start to think to ourselves if it works for them it will work for me.

Feeling Burnout? You Just Might Be An Introvert

In life we spend too much time dealing with daily task that deplete our energy. In order to complete the task at hand we need to make sure we are recharging our batteries so that we have the energy to do the things we need, and WANT, to do.

Trusting That It Will All Work Out In The Long Run

Too often in life, we don’t trust ourselves. If we can’t trust ourselves and our decisions, it’s really hard to trust any input from the outside. Establishing that trust is something we have to continue to practice allowing our souls to be truly happy and fulfilled.

Empowering Women

As women, men, and gender-affirming, more than ever, we need to stick together and stand up for what we believe.

Digging Into Expectations

We are surrounded by expectations every day. If you had a free choice of these expectations, what would you do?

Seven Tools for Powerful Creation and Living Your Unstoppable Life

As women, we have always been told it’s better to give than receive. But in doing that it’s now harder than ever for women to be able to receive and feel abundant.

Turning Painful Past Experiences into Your Superpower

No matter who we are or where we come from, we all have a purpose in life. Sometimes we face unexpected obstacles, but those obstacles could actually be a blessing in disguise.

Doing The Work We Are Here To Do

How are we showing up in our daily lives? Are you lacking confidence or maybe experiencing imposter syndrome?

The Grass is Always Greenest Under Our Own Feet

Have you wondered how you could share the consciousness shifting with the younger generations? How could you explain the infinite possibilities available to each of us through understanding our thoughts and feelings to create our own reality?

The Answers Lie Within

What are we telling the universe in our thoughts and our words? What if you could learn how o change your stories?

Gut and Goosebumps - Tuning Into Your Body Wisdom

What is our own inner wisdom with our bodies? How do we unwind those hard patterns? How do we release inner self-judgment?

Gain Your Authentic Confidence - Drop Kick the Imposter

Are you able to accept compliments? What do boundaries look like in your life?

What is A Medical Medium?

Have you heard of a medical medium? What exactly is a medical medium? What if you could go inside and shift your body to activate healing?

A Path To Falling In Love With Yourself

What if you began with the outside vs. the inside as a path to falling in love with yourself? Love Feels Good.

Follow Your Wiggle For Transformation

What if you showed up as your imperfect self?

Follow Your Wiggle For Transformation

What are Sacred Soul Alignments? What does it mean to allow time to integrate vs process emotions with energetic healing?

What is the Valuable Information Out of Our Dreams?

What Are Dreams? Did you know that there are 7 Types of Dreams? Come learn more about dream interpretation.

The Gifts of Being A Psychic

Blessed at birth with many Psychic abilities, Sandie has centered herself and her career on helping people by giving Intuitive and Spirit Readings.

In this week's Light Up Your Worth episode, Psychic Sandie and host Debbie McAllister chat about being psychic helps others with remote viewings of properties, archaeological excavation, solving cold case crimes, and the Carson City Nevada ghosts.

Managing Expectations of You

With everything on a deadline, how do you manage expectations others have of you?

In this week's episode, Natasha Sattler, author and podcast host of Shit Adult Never Taught Us, and host Debbie McAllister discusses some of the changes that things got easier but life didn't get easier, and navigating through adulting.

Human Design for Decision Making

What if decision-making had more ease? Curious about Human Design and want a simpler approach?

In this week's episode host Debbie McAllister and her guest, Marriage and Family Therapist turned Human Design Coach and Trainer, Robin Winn, discuss our Human Design charts, use Debbie's chart as a real-life example chart, and so much more Human Design goodness. .

Trust What's Ahead

This week's guest poet and Rise and Shine podcast host Walkyria Whitlock and her host Debbie McAllister discuss how to stay strong in your beliefs and learn how to build a relationship with your mind.

Spirituality and Our Money

What beliefs are you consciously and subconsciously carrying around with you around Money? How can you be spiritual and want to be rich? In this week's Light Up Your Worth episode, our host Debbie McAllister, calls upon one of her money books, "You Are a Badass at Making Money" by author Jen Sincero.

You Can Heal the Generational Trauma

What exactly is generational trauma? Imagine what could your relationships look like with your parents and children if generational trauma was healed? Come learn from our guest, 4th Generational healer, Shelley Tomelin, and the Light Up Your Worth host, Debbie McAllister, as they dive into how we can access our own light again, stop the generational cycle, and get the inside right.

I'll Forsake All Others Before I'll Forsake Myself

In this week's solo episode host Debbie McAllister brings along one of her favorite friends, the book "Untamed" written by Glennon Doyle.

Using a few of the underlined sections of the book, she explores how we, as women, can forsake ourselves out of love. In this time of uncertainty we can depend upon ourselves. Let's work together to stop comparing ourselves to the ghost of the "perfect woman".

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