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The Light Up Your Worth podcast has the vision to provide spiritual connection, magical learning, and positive resources for your spiritual awakening toolbox to raise the consciousness and frequencies for you, and our Mother Earth and discover the unbelievable resource within yourself.

Each Wednesday you will be given an all-access pass into the lives of other spiritual souls - spiritually awakened - energetic healing, spiritual modalities experts, healing arts practitioners, thought-provoking life coaches, empowering therapists or uplifting authors - who get real and vulnerable as they share their own unique journeys through spiritual awakenings healing and offer their gifts.

This podcast is here to provide engaging and heart-centered conversations that offer so much wisdom it'll motivate you and Light Up Your Worth!

Thank you for tuning in and embracing your brilliant, gorgeous, and talented worthy self.

Light Up Your Worth Podcast Episodes

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From Corporate Lawyer to Tarot Card Reader with Liz Zamorski

The Power of Inner of Child Healing with

Parul Sharma

Believing in yourself is one of the most important and powerful things you can do. When we believe in ourselves, we gain confidence, courage, and the ability to take risks and make decisions that move us forward in life.

In this Light Up Your Worth episode host Debbie McAllister, and soulful confidence coach and yoga teacher, Parul Sharma discusses how she experienced trauma as a child when she lost her mother and how she had difficulty speaking up against her toxic boss at work. This led her to experience a huge transformation in her life and now she helps her clients unearth their limiting beliefs and step into their power.

From Corporate Lawyer to Tarot Card Reader with Liz Zamorski

Brett and Monica O'Dell From Addiction to Sobriety

Addiction is a serious issue that affects millions of people around the world. It is important to remember that addiction is manageable but it’s not something that can be easily overcome, and it takes time, effort, and dedication to make it to the other side.

In this Light Up Your Worth episode host Debbie McAllister, and Addicted to Living podcast host, Bret and Monica O’Dell dive into how they both have personal experiences with addiction and recovery and discuss how they overcame their additions. They talk about the common narratives around addiction and how to successfully live a healthy and positive life in or out of recovery

From Corporate Lawyer to Tarot Card Reader with Liz Zamorski

From Corporate Lawyer to Tarot Card Reader with Liz Zamorski

Risk-taking is often seen as something to be avoided. We’re taught to play it safe, to stay in our comfort zone, and to think twice before taking any kind of leap. But what if we were to think differently about risk-taking? What if we were to view risk-taking as an opportunity to find joy and fulfillment?

In this Light Up Your Worth episode host Debbie McAllister, and psychic tarot reader, Liz Zamorski discusses her journey from becoming a corporate lawyer and her transition into being a full-time tarot reader and how this discovery led her to felling fulfilled and find her purpose.

Conscious Clarity with Alora Cheek

Conscious Clarity with Alora Cheek

Tarot is an ancient form of divination that has been used for centuries to gain insight and clarity into the future. It is a powerful tool that can be used to help make decisions, gain insight into personal relationships, and unlock hidden potential.

In this Light Up Your Worth episode host Debbie McAllister, and conscious clarity expert, Alora Cheek discuss

fate, their lives, and the power of symbols, exploring symbology and how deepening humanity's connection to it can help us journey forward. Alora also gifts Debbie with a tarot reading!

Cultivating Your Spiritual Growth Through Gardening with Rachel Strivelli

Exploring Advanced Mind-Body Healing Systems

The concept of upgrading our body to access a higher frequency is one that has been around for centuries. It is a concept that has been explored in many spiritual and metaphysical contexts, and it is one that is gaining more attention in the modern day.

In this Light Up Your Worth episode host Debbie McAllister, and acupuncturist, Darren Starwynn discuss

the concept of the avatar, in which ordinary people can become avatars by awakening to a higher level of consciousness and by upgrading their cells and DNA to hold a higher frequency. He also shared the importance of meditation and mental hygiene to integrate these spiritual gifts.

Cultivating Your Spiritual Growth Through Gardening with Rachel Strivelli

Uncovering Your Unique Blueprint for Love

Exploring different relationships is an important part of life. It can be a way to learn more about yourself and the world around you. Through different relationships, we can find out what we value, what we need, and what makes us happy.

In this Light Up Your Worth episode host Debbie McAllister, and 6/2 manifesting generator, Angela Lundy discuss how to use Human Design to align with purpose, specifically in the context of finding and creating more love. Angela explains how the six Human Design profiles affect how people search for and receive love in relationships.

Cultivating Your Spiritual Growth Through Gardening with Rachel Strivelli

Cultivating Your Spiritual Growth

Gardening is an activity that has been around for hundreds of years and has been used for both survival and pleasure. It is a way to connect with nature and be in tune with our environment. In this Light Up Your Worth episode host Debbie McAllister, and physic and creative, Rachel Strivelli discuss intuitive decisions and the importance of listening to your intuition for guidance as well as how the ancient form of gardening helps you connect to your spirituality.

Understanding Human Design and Astrology

Understanding Human Design and Astrology

Everyone is different in their own ways. Things that can factor into who we are and what makes us so different can go deeper than we truly even know. In this Light Up Your Worth episode host Debbie McAllister, and motivational speaker, Jarin Kenyon discuss the differences between human design and astrology. They dive into how human design is a new way of understanding the cosmos and ourselves and how it is based on the idea of true time versus false-time, and how this can help us be our true selves.

Learning To Love Yourself To Heal Your Body with Caroline Nxon

Learning To Love Yourself To Heal Your Body

We are constantly surrounded by people being picked on for their body image or their weight. We should not be fat shaming anyone regardless of their weight or size because when it comes down to it it’s not about fat shamming it’s about you and how you feel in your body. In this Light Up Your Worth episode host Debbie McAllister, and magical healer, Caroline Nixon dive into the importance of connecting with your body and understanding that everyone is different when it comes to releasing weight. Instead of focusing on a number on the scale we should be focusing on getting into the energy of love right now.

Creating Acceptance For Your Body

We live in a world where body image is everything. Everyone obsesses about the latest fashion trends, what’s the new fad diet that everyone is trying and so much more. These obsessions build up resentment within ourselves and makes us hate our bodies. In this Light Up Your Worth episode host Debbie McAllister, and certified food and body confidence coach, Amy English dive into what is body confidence, ways to learn to love your body and the importance to build your confidence first.

Understanding the Akashic Records

In life we all try to follow our dreams and constantly look for what our purpose is. For some that is easier than others but just know that there is a way to find clarity and meaning in your life. In this Light Up Your Worth episode host Debbie McAllister, and Akashic Records Reader and mediation instructor, Meena Ruchi dives into what the Akashic Records are, how they can help you find clarity and meaning in your life and why it’s so important to discover your gifts and purpose.

Learning To Voice Our Opinions

Everyone’s paths are different and it’s important to stand up for yourself and to make the right decisions for you whether others approve of those decisions or not. In this Light Up Your Worth episode host Debbie McAllister, and mompreneur & host of the podcast Living Your Most Badass Life, Brianna Brown dive into the importance of making your own decisions and not regretting the things you haven’t done, the fact that there are no good or bad memories and Debbie also opens up about her future dreams and plans of writing a book about her ancestorial trauma and healing.

Creating Health, Harmony & Happiness

Relationship stress can trigger both negative emotions and physical responses. When these negative emotions and traumas are left untreated, they can manifest into physical health issues. Relationships can already be hard for many people, but they don’t have to be hard for you. In this Light Up Your Worth episode host Debbie McAllister, and coach, Janessa Finley dive into the differences between functional and conventional medicine, how trauma can be stored in our bodies and cause medical concerns and how amazing our bodies are with healing.

The Physic Detective

Some believe there is an afterlife, and some may not. It’s not about trying to convince someone to be a believer but to help people cope and deal with the loss of their loved ones, showing them that even though they are not physically here with us, they are still all around us in spirit. In this Light Up Your Worth episode host Debbie McAllister, and psychic medium, Rachelle Lapham dive into what is a twin flame, how we can connect with others from the other side and the work she is doing to help bring comfort and peace from the passing of their loved ones.

Conscious Dressing - The Art of Using Clothing as Tools To Support You In Feeling More Confident

It's important to know that you are your most important person. We must learn ways to empower ourselves and build confidence so that we can take on each day and feel in control of our lives. In this Light Up Your Worth episode host Debbie McAllister, and style sherpa, Gaelen Abt dive into why it matters what we wear and how conscious dressing can help make you feel more confident, motivated, relaxed and powerful with everything you do.

Medication Is Not the Only Option

When it comes to our health there are so many different things that play into effect and medication is not your only option when looking for a solution. We must look at our whole-body perspective and understand the different functions that can affect us when it comes to migraines. In this Light Up Your Worth episode host Debbie McAllister, and naturopathic doctor and migraine specialist, Dr. Tanya Paynter dive into why women suffer from migraines, the importance of your diet and stress as well as looking at your body functions as a whole when treating migraines.

Finding Your Sacred Path

In today’s world we are so wrapped up in the fast pace of life where everything is instantaneous or right at our finger tips. We sometimes forget to slow down and enjoy the finer things in life, sometimes even disconnecting with ourselves and forgetting what we really need in that moment. In this Light Up Your Worth episode host Debbie McAllister, and Holistic Lifestyle Health Coach, Brenda Carey dive into the power of yoga and breathing, learning how to receive, and how we are designed to be in community and not alone.

The Power of Ritual

This week we are taking a break from our normal show and sharing with you an amazing episode from the podcast “Be The Love” with host Stacy and Brenda. In this episode Stacy and Brenda discuss the power of ritual? Why is it important? How does it nurture and connect us? Different types of rituals to connect with. Morning and nighttime rituals. How to invite ritual into your daily life for deeper connection. You can find their information below and be sure to tell them that you discovered them on “Light Up Your Worth!” Stay tuned for next week for our normal guest interviews!

Generational & Ancestral Healing

Do you wake up wondering why you are all of a sudden in pain? Or maybe you experience weird health issues that are unexplained and make no sense? Our bodies are our vessel and they know when we are experiencing things that don’t align with us. In this Light Up Your Worth episode host Debbie McAllister, and returning guest, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) Practitioner, Tracie Mahan dive into generational and ancestorial healing, how your body will experience physical pain from traumatic experiences and Tracie also channels Daniel through and shares healing work with Debbie’s dog Lilly. This episode is a two-part series so don’t miss out on part two on patreon at

Empowering Women to Intentionally Design Their Best Life

We all have many, many parallel lives because at the quantum level all timelines exist simultaneously. This means that there technically is no past and no present but that everything is in the now. In this Light Up Your Worth episode host Debbie McAllister, and Intuitive Transformational Coach, Dr. Lisa Thompson dive into the evolution of the human race, how our DNA has been modified and how we are all connected to each other.

Connecting With the Galactic Ones

Have you been curious about why you were drawn to being spiritually awakening? Have you been hearing about Starseed, metaverses, or connecting with our galactic counterparts and curious to learn more? What is the connection between past life regression, our anxiety or our aches and pains? Wondering how to connect with the galactic ones and learning their messages for us. Come listen to the channeled message from Arcturian Daniel.

Breaking Through Shame

When it comes to trauma and difficult situations there isn’t one cure to fix it all. Healing isn’t one direction, it’s trial and error to find what works best for you. In this Light Up Your Worth episode host Debbie McAllister, and life and mindset coach, Andrea Blindt dive into what is homeopathic medicine, how trauma and emotions we don’t release can affect us physically and how important it is to know that we always have choices.

Safety In Our Own Bodies

Everyone has experienced some form of physical, emotional, mental or spiritual trauma. Theses' traumas create blocks and barriers which causes us to not feel safe in our bodies. It’s important to
empower yourself again so that you can reclaim your agency and come back to a sense of choice and be able to create a sense of safety within yourself.

In this Light Up Your Worth episode host Debbie McAllister, and Certified Yoga Therapist, Anne-Laure Peaucelle dive into what is yoga therapy, the difference between yoga and yoga therapy, why it’s important to move your body and why it’s so important to create safety in our bodies.

Being True to Yourself

Throughout life we always question, the BIG why. Why am I pursuing this career, why am I doing these things instead of following what others are doing?

In this Light Up Your Worth episode host Debbie McAllister, and entrepreneur, Leonie Dawson dive into the importance of self-care and staying true to yourself. Everyone wants to compare themselves to other people and the things they are doing but really who cares! Stop comparing yourself to others and be a freaking Zebra!

Breaking Away From Unrealistic Standards

Over the years women have been conditioned and told by society that we have to be a certain way. We have had a set of standards placed on us like the way we look, or how we behave and if we veer away from these standards then we are not deemed acceptable.

In this Light Up Your Worth episode host Debbie McAllister, and certified life coach, Ellie Bell dive into breaking away from trying to reach these unrealistic set of standards, why does different have to be bad, and how if we all could be more accepting about people having the right to think differently, how much nicer could everything be.

Working Through Limiting Beliefs

As women, there are times when we feel like we can’t be fully vocal and use our voice, especially when we are in a male dominant space. It’s time to start learning how to use our voice and to break away from the fear of speaking our truth!

In this Light Up Your Worth episode host Debbie McAllister, and entrepreneur, Kerrie Campbell dive into ways you can actually use your voice, ways to break away from the fear of speaking your truth and being able to celebrate your progress.

Breaking Away From Good Girl Mentality

It is time to stop being scared to invest in yourself!! You should not feel guilty or ashamed to learn new ways to help you work through your past traumas and finally be you! It’s time to break through the suppression and finally start asking for bliss.

In this Light Up Your Worth episode host Debbie McAllister, and divine cosmic Shamama, Val Cripps dive into what light language is, how to break through the suppression and how to retrain your mind, body and being.

Prana Energy Work and Chakras

When it comes to conflict, our natural instinct is flight or fight. We try everything we can to avoid conflict but in reality, we have to go through some kind of conflict to teach us something in our lives.

In this Light Up Your Worth episode host Debbie McAllister, and The Chakra Coach, Cathy Gasper dive into what prana healing is, the importance of knowing the different pranas and chakras and what their functions are and a unique way of stopping anxiety attacks in their tracks.

The Power of Heart Centered Presence and Connection

How can we look at ourselves not just from a physical plane but also the mental, emotional and energetic plane? There are so many different paths to heal but whatever path you take it’s important to heal all four of those aspects.

In this Light Up Your Worth episode host Debbie McAllister, and holistic astrologer, Joli Knott dive into what a holistic astrologer is, how to know if we are in touch with our body and why it’s important when being to be in your own lane, not worrying about what everyone else is doing and not comparing yourself to others.

Breaking Professional Blocks to Stop the Impact on Our Financial Success

Through life we go through a lot of stressful and emotional situations. All of this negative energy is then stored in our body and our bodies never forget. When we not only release the body memory but the emotional charge around the issues, this is what helps create the emotional and mental freedom and then this is when we are truly free.

In this Light Up Your Worth episode host Debbie McAllister, and trauma-integrative hypnotherapist, Tatiana Vilarea dive into visibility and professional blocks, how lack of confidence can impact your financial success and how to break through these visibility fears.

How We Connect to Animals

Have you ever felt a strong connection with mother nature? Maybe you have had this feeling of being able to communicate with animals but wasn’t quite sure? These are not things you are imagining. These are the energetic frequencies that you are sharing spiritually to connect with animals.

In this Light Up Your Worth episode host Debbie McAllister, and Universal Energy Guide, Kelly McCarthy dive into what a universal energy guide is, how she learned she could communicate with animals at a young age, and the different spiritual meaning of animal spirit guides. Debbie also shares stories of situations where she was communicating with animals and didn’t even realize it until now.

Calling the Shots Using Human Design

There is no cookie cutter way for people to do things in life. We may follow people who share the same interest and business ideas who are successful and look like they are doing everything perfectly. We then start to think to ourselves if it works for them it will work for me. The problem with that is not everyone is aligned with the same human design.

In this Light Up Your Worth episode host Debbie McAllister, and online visibility strategist, Juliette Stapleton dive into the ins and outs of human design, how to understand it and how it plays a role in your business.

Feeling Burnout? You Just Might Be An Introvert

In life we spend too much time dealing with daily task that deplete our energy. In order to complete the task at hand we need to make sure we are recharging our batteries so that we have the energy to do the things we need, and WANT, to do. When we are able to take care of ourselves and have the time to do what we need for ourselves, we are ready for what’s lying ahead.

In this Light Up Your Worth episode host Debbie McAllister, and Entrepreneur, Jen Jones dive into the difference between an introvert and an extrovert. They talk about the different types, pin pointing an energy leak and ways to make sure you don’t follow the cycle.

Trusting That It Will All Work Out In The Long Run

Too often in life, we don’t trust ourselves. If we can’t trust ourselves and our decisions, it’s really hard to trust any input from the outside. Establishing that trust is something we have to continue to practice allowing our souls to be truly happy and fulfilled.

In this Light Up Your Worth episode host Debbie McAllister, and Intuitive Energy Healer, Kris Groth dive into the importance of trust. They talk about how we all have these pictures in our heads of what perfect should look like and why you need to let that picture of perfection go.

Empowering Women

As women, men, and gender-affirming, more than ever, we need to stick together and stand up for what we believe. In this Light Up Your Worth episode host Debbie McAllister, talks about the recent supreme court decision made about women’s rights to abortion and how she reacted to the verdict. Debbie also shares resources for those who are having a hard time with this situation and asks that if you have any more information or would like to shed some light on this topic to reach out so she can share your story and information on Light Up Your Worth!  

Digging Into Expectations

We are surrounded by expectations every day. If you had a free choice of these expectations, what would you do? In this Light Up Your Worth episode host Debbie McAllister, talks about the importance of expectations. How much of others' expectations of yourself have played into your own expectations? Are these expectations holding you back and are you actually speaking your own truth?

Seven Tools for Powerful Creation and Living Your Unstoppable Life

As women, we have always been told it’s better to give than receive. But in doing that it’s now harder than ever for women to be able to receive and feel abundant. In this Light Up Your Worth episode host Debbie McAllister, and licensed Marriage, Family, and Child Psychotherapist, Catherine DeMonte dive into the importance of knowing your worth and owning it, allowing life to flow and the tools you can use to receive and feel abundant.

Turning Painful Past Experiences into Your Superpower

No matter who we are or where we come from, we all have a purpose in life. Sometimes we face unexpected obstacles, but those obstacles could actually be a blessing in disguise. In this Light Up Your Worth episode host Debbie McAllister, and International Wellness Expert Adriana Kyser discuss the importance of setting boundaries and knowing your worth, allowing you to heal from the inside out.

Doing The Work We Are Here To Do

How are we showing up in our daily lives? Are you lacking confidence or maybe experiencing imposter syndrome? In this Light Up Your Worth episode host Debbie McAllister, and Master Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach Charlotte Friborg discuss the importance of owning your confidence and not comparing your problems to others. We must honor who we are and know that we are capable of overcoming our life's obstacles.

The Grass is Always Greenest Under Our Own Feet

Have you wondered how you could share the consciousness shifting with the younger generations? How could you explain the infinite possibilities available to each of us through understanding our thoughts and feelings to create our own reality?

The Answers Lie Within

What are we telling the universe in our thoughts and our words? What if you could learn how o change your stories?

Gut and Goosebumps - Tuning Into Your Body Wisdom

What is our own inner wisdom with our bodies? How do we unwind those hard patterns? How do we release inner self-judgment?

Gain Your Authentic Confidence - Drop Kick the Imposter

Are you able to accept compliments? What do boundaries look like in your life?

What is A Medical Medium?

Have you heard of a medical medium? What exactly is a medical medium? What if you could go inside and shift your body to activate healing?

A Path To Falling In Love With Yourself

What if you began with the outside vs. the inside as a path to falling in love with yourself? Love Feels Good.

Follow Your Wiggle For Transformation

What if you showed up as your imperfect self?

Aligning Your Frequencies and Vibrations

What are Sacred Soul Alignments? What does it mean to allow time to integrate vs process emotions with energetic healing?

What is the Valuable Information Out of Our Dreams?

What Are Dreams? Did you know that there are 7 Types of Dreams? Come learn more about dream interpretation.

The Gifts of Being A Psychic

Blessed at birth with many Psychic abilities, Sandie has centered herself and her career on helping people by giving Intuitive and Spirit Readings.

In this week's Light Up Your Worth episode, Psychic Sandie and host Debbie McAllister chat about being psychic helps others with remote viewings of properties, archaeological excavation, solving cold case crimes, and the Carson City Nevada ghosts.

Managing Expectations of You

With everything on a deadline, how do you manage expectations others have of you?

In this week's episode, Natasha Sattler, author and podcast host of Shit Adult Never Taught Us, and host Debbie McAllister discusses some of the changes that things got easier but life didn't get easier, and navigating through adulting.

Human Design for Decision Making

What if decision-making had more ease? Curious about Human Design and want a simpler approach?

In this week's episode host Debbie McAllister and her guest, Marriage and Family Therapist turned Human Design Coach and Trainer, Robin Winn, discuss our Human Design charts, use Debbie's chart as a real-life example chart, and so much more Human Design goodness. .

Trust What's Ahead

This week's guest poet and Rise and Shine podcast host Walkyria Whitlock and her host Debbie McAllister discuss how to stay strong in your beliefs and learn how to build a relationship with your mind.

Spirituality and Our Money

What beliefs are you consciously and subconsciously carrying around with you around Money? How can you be spiritual and want to be rich? In this week's Light Up Your Worth episode, our host Debbie McAllister, calls upon one of her money books, "You Are a Badass at Making Money" by author Jen Sincero.

You Can Heal the Generational Trauma

What exactly is generational trauma? Imagine what could your relationships look like with your parents and children if generational trauma was healed? Come learn from our guest, 4th Generational healer, Shelley Tomelin, and the Light Up Your Worth host, Debbie McAllister, as they dive into how we can access our own light again, stop the generational cycle, and get the inside right.

I'll Forsake All Others Before I'll Forsake Myself

In this week's solo episode host Debbie McAllister brings along one of her favorite friends, the book "Untamed" written by Glennon Doyle.

Using a few of the underlined sections of the book, she explores how we, as women, can forsake ourselves out of love. In this time of uncertainty we can depend upon ourselves. Let's work together to stop comparing ourselves to the ghost of the "perfect woman".

Tuning Into Sound Codes

What are sound codes? Learn how sound can be very subtle and yet powerful for healing. In this week's episode host Debbie McAllister, and Master Sound and Energy Alchemist Nancy Anger explore how ancient knowledge is coming back and old is now new.

Nancy Anger is an Intuitive Guide, Spiritual Teacher, and Master Sound and Energy Alchemist who loves helping people break through to an authentic well-loved life.

Do You Show Yourself Self-Compassion?

What do self-compassion, Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, and Gratitude have in common? Come find out with Debbie, host of the Light Up Your Worth podcast, show shares her wandering thoughts.

Messages from Galactic and Multi-Dimensional Beings

As you look up at the stars at night have you ever wondered who is beyond? How do we communicate with these galactic beings? How can understanding your Starseed journey impact your relationships? This week's guest Julia Stubbe, Galactic and Multi-Dimensional Beings Channel joins host Debbie McAllister as they explore these questions and more.

We Are Responsible For Our Own Healing and Choices

In season 2 Debbie will be going even more visible and vulnerable with individual episodes. Yikes! This episode is about how we are responsible for our own healing and choices.

Put Air In Your Beach Ball

In this week's episode host Debbie McAllister and her guest the Rib Whispered Vienna Dunham discuss the discovery of being a people-pleasing puppet to polishing her own gold with her self-worth.

Divine Connection

In our first episode of Season 2, host Debbie McAllister welcomes back her first recorded podcast guest Christina Miura. Come join them as they dig into some practical Ayurvedic knowledge, listening to the intuitive whispers, and the growth through pain. Christine miura is an Intuitive Alignment Coach and Ayurvedic Educator. Author of two books (with 3 more on the way), podcaster of Intuitive First, and speaker.

Calling In Conscious Love Love Love

In a time when so many people are experiencing relationship issues, it can be hard to find a place of peace. Learn how to be more mindful of what you are feeling in your relationships so that you can better understand when something isn't working. Join Debbie McAllister and Presley Yarrow as they discuss the power of using conscious love as a tool for growth and understanding in relationships. This episode will leave you inspired, encouraged, and eager to seek out your experience of conscious love.

Allowing Ourselves to Feel Our Emotions

Do you feel like past trauma or experiences are holding you back from walking your divine path? Join Debbie McAllister and Jillie Maria as they talk through how to help others promote healing within themselves and move forward in the direction of their heart's desires.

Hope To Heal On Your Own Terms

Beneath the skin of the refugee, there is another human being. We are all just people, regardless of where we come from or the circumstances under which we left home. Joumana Nasr shares her incredible journey from leaving a war-torn country as a child to becoming a Mindset Coach, Akashic Record Practitioner, and Medical Intuitive and Energy Healer practice. Join Debbie McAllister and Joumana Nsar as they chat through this incredible journey of self-discovery.

Expanding Your Capacity to Believe

It can be hard to be a woman in today's world, and as someone who has been there, we need to lift each other up. Learn how to support each other, what paradigms are holding us back from being the best versions of ourselves, and how to find balance within ourselves. Join Debbie McAllister and Ayanna Nefertari as they discuss the famous "double-slit experiment" from quantum physics, how it relates to paradigms, and tips for women who want to support each other.

The Power of Manifestation

Crystals have been used for healing, spirituality, and magic for centuries. Crystals can also be attached to create a powerful emotional clearing of the entire being, and soul families can help you find peace in emotional distress. Join Debbie McAllister and Crystal Goddess & proud owner of San Luis Obispo California Gaia’s Gallery Christine Branco, as they talk through unblocking energy for emotional healing and well-being.

Releasing Old Negative Patterns

The world we live in right now is an excitingly frustrating place. The range of energies bouncing around our major cities, homes, and streets can sometimes be incredibly overwhelming. There's no getting away from it. Even within ourselves, we carry a mix of positive, negative, and neutral energy - unconscious vibrations that have an imprint since our earliest memories. Join Light Up Your Worth host, Debbie McAllister and channel, intuitive writing teacher, and intuitive alignment coach Victoria Fontana as they provide insight and techniques to decipher which energies affect your life and how to navigate these energies on a deeper level.

Debunking Self Care

Van Nguyen is a wellspring of caring, wisdom, and love that flows through her and onto others. She easily supports other women in honoring their process of self-awareness to uplifting and supporting others as they hold space for one another to heal from trauma. Join Light Up Your Worth podcast Debbie McAllister and Van Nguyen as they discuss how connecting with our divine femininity and creating a sacred space for our souls to shine through is an essential part of self-care.

Are You Loving on Auto Pilot

When we think of transformation, we usually imagine something externally changing. But the most profound transformations in life typically have little to do with outside circumstances. Instead, they are internal and have to do with changes in perspective and attitude. Join Light Up Your Worth host Debbie and Spiritual Transformational Life Coach Mary Houlihan in an honest discussion about what real transformation means in manifesting the life of one's dreams and WHY when you so badly want to live your dream, often some obstacles get in the way.

Being Multidimensional + Experience the Magic

What is living without limitations? It's being able to feel the energy and power of your spirit. It's knowing that you're alive and able to see the world and be a part of it. It's feeling connected to all around you and at peace with who you are. Join Light Up Your Worth host, Debbie McAllister as she explores how her spirituality positively influences her life and what it's like to live without limitations.

Spiritual Empowerment in the Unspoken Truth

Grief can't be avoided. We all must go through it whenever someone or something important leaves our life. Not being appropriately processed can have lasting impacts on present and future relationships. Join Light Up Your Worth podcast host, Debbie McAllister and Forensic Intuitive and Psychic Medium Mary Jane Ellen as they dive into forensic intuitiveness and how grief clearing can empower you during a relationship breakup and help unlock healing and transformation within your life.

What are Clairs? Explore with Chelsea Meyers

Your clairs are the windows to your inner person. But sometimes, we need help accessing or understanding these abilities. Understanding your clairs will help you live an authentic life — and more. Understanding and using clairs doesn't have to be hard, though. Join Light Up Your Worth podcast host Debbie McAllister and her guest Intuitive Chelsea Meyers to discuss clairs and how DNA activations and shadow work can be powerful engines to shift you into a higher vibration.

Unsolved Subconscious Beliefs

Are you tired of sleepless nights? Are you struggling to lose weight? Do you find yourself smoking more than ever before? Have you given up hope on beating postpartum depression? Join Light Up Your Worth podcast host Debbie McAllister and her guest Hypnotherapist Becky Cramer as they discuss hypnotherapy and how it can relieve insomnia, weight loss, smoking, and postpartum depression, or weight loss.

Name It To Tame It

All feelings are equal and valid, no matter how messy they are or how they make us feel. The next time you feel a strong emotion, take some time to embrace your feelings. Take some deep breaths and notice the sensations in your body as the emotion comes up. Join Light Up your Worth podcast host Debbie McAllister and her guest Spiritual Life Coach Sarah DesRoches as they discuss the importance of processing your emotions and learning how to manage complicated feelings.

Putting a Stake in the Ground

Healing is not a one-time event but rather a lifelong journey of learning to love yourself. As you learn to love yourself and embrace your authentic self, you will find that the world opens up to you in ways you never imagined. Join Debbie McAllister and Erin Ann Barcellos in in this last installment in the 3-part series as they discuss topics that connect with our spiritual journey, healing, love, and the changes in our lives.

Putting a Stake in the Ground

One way to help yourself heal is to learn how to love yourself. As we learn to embrace our authentic selves, we can start to see and treat ourselves for who we are—no matter how painful that may be. Join Debbie McAllister and Erin Ann Barcellos in part 2 of this 3- part series as they discuss various topics that connect with our spiritual journey, healing, love, and changes in our lives.

Fairies, Patterns, & Self Sacrifice

As you love yourself, you learn to see and treat yourself for who you are. These parts of you may be painful to address. You may have neglected or rejected them over the years. We may think we have healed ourselves by doing something on our own, but this is not true healing—it is only alleviating symptoms or temporary relief from pain. True healing comes from within through an act of love and forgiveness. Join Debbie McAllister and Erin Ann Barcellos in a three-part series as they discuss various topics that connect with our spiritual journey, healing, love, and the changes in our lives..

Silver Lining All the Way

Our lives are often so busy it's easy to forget to play. We, as women, can sometimes get so caught up in survival mode that we forget to reconnect with our energy and bring back our femininity. We need to go inside ourselves and deal with places within our energy field that might be blocked or holding onto negativity. Join Debbie Allister and Serena Rodriquez as they chat through navigating the 3-D and quantum worlds to reconnect with your life outside of survival mode.

Why Not Just Show Up

It's never too late to accomplish your goals or dreams. No matter how life turns out, it is always time to dream big and ask big. Our lives are filled with pivotal moments that allow us to grow and vibrate on a new frequency—an awakening. When we awaken, we see things in a new way: we see opportunities where there were none before and find the courage to take risks and make changes. Join Light Up Your Worth podcast host Debbie McAllister and her guest Live Less Afraid podcast host and Coach Michele Jones as they discuss intentional living and reconnecting with your spiritual self.

Blazing The Trail

There are so many different ways to take care of yourself and your health, but one of the best things you can do is to find an alternative approach. Alternative health modalities allow you to take back control and be proactive about your health instead of reactive. Join Light Up Your Worth podcast host Debbie McAllister and her guest transformational therapist Vicki Graham as they discuss the holistic alternatives to mainstream medicine. In this episode, they'll be talking about alternative health modalities that can help you take care of yourself and take control of your health.

Emotions, Muscles & Pendulums

Yoga is a practice that guides women to reclaim their bodies, minds, and spirits, allowing them to be present with themselves in a way that helps them see their life and its purpose with clarity. It is a practice that will enable women to connect with their inner selves on physical and emotional levels through meditation, deep breathing exercises, and visualization techniques. Join Light Up Your Worth podcast host, Debbie McAllister and her guest, Soul Coach, Debbie Bodine as they discuss learning how to listen within ourselves, to discover that there are no rules but those we create ourselves.

Words Carry Energy

Intuition is a powerful tool for us all. It allows us to make decisions about what we want without relying on external sources of information. Intuition helps us feel things before they happen and will enable us to feel and sense things in other people we might not otherwise be aware of.   But how do we get started? Join Light Up Your Worth podcast host Debbie McAllister and her guest Intuitive Spiritual Expression & Writing Coach Shantini Rajah as they talk through using the power of words and intuition to promote a better professional and personal life.

Create Happy Minds

We all have the ability to change our thoughts, mind, and soul by using the right tools. The first step is awareness of how your mind works. You can then start changing how it works by training your mind/soul/body connection in different ways, like meditation or mindfulness.   Join Light Up Your Worth podcast host Debbie McAllister and her guest Energetic Kinesiologist & BrainGym consultant Jose Toussaint as they discuss how to find balance in our lives so that we can live more fulfilling lives by being mindful and paying attention to the moment.

Recovery is a Good Life

Recovering from addiction is a process. It's a process of learning to love yourself, healing the pain that caused you to turn to drugs or alcohol in the first place, and figuring out how to live your life without using substances that aren't good for you.   No two people go through recovery in the same way. Everyone deserves to be treated with empathy and compassion, no matter what struggles they might be facing. Join Light Up Your Worth podcast host Debbie McAllister and her guest Advanced Sacred Soul Alignments and Sacred Light Foundations practitioner Sonja Prochaska as they discuss Sonja's journey toward healing and wholeness.

Movement to Release & Heal

Movement is one of the most important things you can do to feel good, stay healthy, and keep your body fit. When we listen to our bodies and move in ways that feel good for us, we can experience increased mental and physical health levels. We all have ways of moving that make us feel good—whether through dancing, running, or just walking around town.   Join Light Up Your Worth podcast host Debbie McAllister and her guest Somatics for Lipedema instructor Beth Elliott as they discuss how movement can help release energy from our bodies to feel lighter and more relaxed, heal, and recover from illness or injury.

Pop Culture and Spirituality

Letting go of the past must be done to live in the now. As adults, we often find it hard to let go of what we think we need to do or be to survive in this world. Sometimes this means losing sight of joy and peace from when you were a child and what made you feel safe then. But it doesn’t have to be like that. Join Light Up Your Worth podcast host Debbie McAllister and her guest integrative Wellness Life Coach Rachelle Marquez as they chat about the influence of pop media and spirituality and how to reconnect with your inner child and heal the self-survival mechanisms that keep you from enjoying life.

You Are Good Enough

We are constantly surrounded by the stress and trauma of being human in our everyday lives. It's a part of who we are and can be hard to deal with. But here's the thing, sometimes, we need to give ourselves a break. Maybe you're feeling too much, or perhaps you can't figure out how to deal with your emotions—or maybe your body feels like it's not yours. Join Light Up Your Worth host Debbie and her guest EFT & TFT practitioner Bernie Bowman as they discuss how emotional tapping can help you heal from past traumas and experiences.

You Do You

You can be intentional and create the life you want to live. It's easy to get caught up in the day-to-day and forget that you can create your life. But it's not just about how much money you make—it's about finding a way to your true self and owning your worth. There will be ups and downs, but having tools and practices that keep you grounded and centered will help keep you connected to your inner self. Join Light Up Your Worth host Debbie and her guest certified Life & Success Coach, NLP, EFT, Breathwork Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist, and Modern Mystic Cooper Gillespie as they chat about what you can do to make sure you're remaining true to yourself while owning your worth.

Tap Into Your Flow

The journey of connecting with crystals is a personal one. It involves trusting your intuition and knowing where you fit in.   The more you meditate, the more you learn about yourself and how to connect with crystals. You'll find many ways to work with crystals, and you can use them in any way that feels right. Join Light Up Your Worth host Debbie and her guest Jade Dione as they share their experiences with trusting your connections and journey into practical learning and connecting to crystals.

Tumbling of the Stone

Negative emotions can be crippling. When this happens, it's easy to get stuck in negative emotions and stay there for too long. Instead of letting those negative emotions consume us, we should use them as a springboard for self-improvement. We can use these moments to learn more about who we are and what we want out of life. Join Light Up Your Worth host Debbie and her guest Intuitive Business Coach Johanna Gardner as they discuss using pivotal moments in your life as catalysts for awakening.

Radical Empathy for Ourselves

Each of us has a mission in life, and part of that mission is to love and accept ourselves. Learning to love all aspects of yourself and not feeling guilty about it is a spiritual journey that Beth Suter has been on for some time. She references the book Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, which discusses how opening up spiritually will help you feel more fulfilled. Join Light Up Your Worth host Debbie and self-taught watercolor artist Beth Suter as they discuss how being on a spiritual journey can help you learn to love yourself and all parts of who you are.

Taking Back Your Power

Holistic health is the idea that we are more than just our physical bodies; our minds and emotions are just as important as the food we eat and how much exercise we get. Holistic health means caring for your mind, body, and soul in a balanced way. Join Light Up Your Worth host Debbie and Jolena Stewart as they discuss Jolena's holistic journey to live a better-balanced lifestyle. They'll talk about the importance of patience, energy, mindfulness, and being present and how incorporating these aspects into your life helps strengthen yourself to handle anything that comes your way.

Stepping Fully Into Yourself

Life is a journey. It's full of ups and downs, twists and turns, and surprises. People come into our lives for many different reasons, but they all have one thing in common: they can help us learn and grow. Surrounding yourself with like-minded people trying to do their best and make the world a better place is a great way to help aid in life's journey. Join Light up your Worth host Debbie McAllister and her guest Integrated Soul Activations Creator Patricia Elizabeth as they discuss experiences with perseverance and why it's essential to keep going even when things get tough.

Designed by Nature

What if you could learn your energetic blueprint and wisdom? My friend Christine Miura shares her journey of grace and healing. Christine Miura is a Joyful living Coach. Intuitive. Ayurvedic Wisdom. She is also an author of two books and a speaker.

Focus and Laughter

Everyone can live their purpose, but often we need to figure out how to get started. Losing sight of the possibilities can be easy when you're in a place where you feel stuck and powerless. You might feel like all your options are limited, that things are too difficult or impossible to change. But we're here to remind you that is not true. Join Light Up Your Worth host Debbie and EarthPriest Alora Marie as they discuss in a laughter-filled session about accepting your spiritual gifts, being on purpose, and finding the right vehicle to fulfill your goal in a way that respects your journey.

Celebrating You on International Women's Day

You are a goddess, and you deserve to be celebrated. On this particular day, we want to take a step back from our regular programming and allow you to celebrate yourself and all that you have done for yourself. We know that sometimes it can be hard to find the time or space to give yourself the love and attention you deserve, primarily when so many other things compete for your attention. But today is your day! Take time out of your busy schedule today and light up your worth! Join Light Up Your Worth host Debbie as she celebrates being a woman on this special day!

Let Your Feminine Essence Shine

It's important to remember that we all have masculine and feminine energies within us. Our job as humans is to learn how to balance these energies and use them wisely, but sometimes it takes work to do that on our own. Join Light Up Your Worth host Debbie and womb healer, feminine empowerment coach, and energy worker Sandra Mayeux as they discuss how to heal your feminine energy and live a more empowered life.