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The Importance of Self-Care and Healing

March 11, 20233 min read

“Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world."

- Lucille Ball

The Importance of Self-Care and Healing

What is self-care? Debunking popular myths

The Value of Self-Care: A Guide

We've all heard of self-care. As an idea popularized in the media, it's become synonymous with "treating yourself" while spending evenings online shopping, glass of wine in hand. Although moments of enjoyment are certainly important, true self-care is not about distraction.

 This article dives into the importance of self-care as reflection, introspection, and emotional healing--- keep reading for the breakdown.

The Importance of Self-Care and Healing

So What Exactly is Self-Care?

Medium highlights the nitty gritty side of self-care as the “ugly task of doing what needs to be done” in alignment with our feelings and intuition. Far from the superficial endeavor it’s painted to be, self-care is about showing up for yourself in the ways you need. Think of it like self-parenting; it could look like making yourself eat your greens, go to bed early, or track your mood changes.

Necessity, Not Luxury

When we think of self-care, we imagine spa days, mani-pedis, and expensive facials. This rhetoric of luxury confuses the true meaning of self-care, as such extravagances aren’t accessible to everyone. True, a candle-lit bath accompanied by a face mask is a relaxing ritual that could be considered to be self-care. But there are endless other ways that people can care for themselves. A short meditation can be powerful if you only have ten minutes to spare.

 To understand where you need to focus your efforts, take a moment to connect with your energy bodies. Ask yourself, “What do I need right now?”

Physical Self-Care

Maybe your physical body needs attention and rejuvenation. Listen to your intuition and drink more water, go for a walk, or perhaps complete a yoga workout. Whatever you do, it should not be a chore but a grounding practice of self-love. (Tip: eating root veggies will help you feel grounded in your body.)

Emotional Self-Care

Feeling overwhelmed or emotionally exhausted? Adjust your self-care plans accordingly! Use journaling as a tool for emotional self-care, freeing you to ‘brain dump’ all the negative feelings you have trapped in your consciousness. Feel the weight lifting as you dedicate some time to nurturing your emotional self.


This article by PsychCentral debunks more self-care myths and discusses how narrow perceptions of self-care can add feelings of guilt to moments of rejuvenation. Healing comes from showing up for ourselves, doing shadow work, letting go of negative attachments, unlearning toxic cycles, and releasing limiting beliefs. If you want to care for yourself, it’s to get introspective, not distracted. Want to join an inspirational community of self-care masters? Check out Home, Hearth, and Healing for support and guidance.


Hear the full conversation on Episode 35 of Light Up Your Worth with Van Nguyen.

Are you ready to make the leap into your own spiritual healing and personal development? It’s easy to experience your energetic healing by visiting our Light Up Your Worth home page.

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Debbie McAllister

Debbie McAllister is a Breakthrough Catalyst Coach, and Light Up Your Worth podcast host. She is also a fur baby mom, once a single momma to an empty nester of a son who continues to inspire her, a spiritual diva, and a mid-life resilient woman who did not give up on herself until she discovered her own worth and self-acceptance after five decades of struggle and found peace. She bravely learned to connect to her own worth and to trust that her superpower was to shine a light for other women to be seen and heard. This is where she found her purpose - coaching other women to get unstuck.

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Debbie's Connecting to your Money workshop was a great way to become more aware of your money stories and how they developed.

She created a safe space for us to get vulnerable and share our childhood stories and experiences around money.

The energy healing at the end was beautiful and a great way to release the money beliefs that no longer serve us.

- Sandra

I wanted to say I did a Sacred Soul Alignment and Clearing with Debbie recently and I not only felt like she picked up on a few specific things going on with me but I felt much lighter and more positive after our session.

Also, I had just recently injured my foot before the session but actually felt like after the session I had way less pain in my foot. I highly recommend her!

- Jessica

I had an amazing session yesterday with Debbie. She is a kind, beautiful soul that took me on a much-needed healing heart session.

She is a Reiki Master and along with the Sacred Soul Alignments that she chose to help with the healing from what my soul needed to heal but also after she listened to me very empathetically to the things I want to work on and where it was making me feel stuck.

During the mediation and the powerful healing, I could feel how things that needed to be let go of were leaving and I have a recording that I can listen to again and again and continue to heal.

I am grateful for our session together and for your healing powers that worked like magic and will continue to help me step up to what I am to be, the best version of me.

She also shared that she has a podcast and go ahead and check it out. I did and the episodes are full of what your soul would need to hear.

Thank you for being you and continue doing what you are doing because the world needs you.

- Cristina


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