Episode 95- guest Meena Ruchi

Understanding the Akashic Records

In life we all try to follow our dreams and constantly look for what our purpose is. For some that is easier than others but just know that there is a way to find clarity and meaning in your life. In this Light Up Your Worth episode host Debbie McAllister, and Akashic Records Reader and mediation instructor, Meena Ruchi dives into what the Akashic Records are, how they can help you find clarity and meaning in your life and why it’s so important to discover your gifts and purpose.

Meena Ruchi is an Akashic Records Reader and meditation instructor. She loves helping people who feel stuck or uninspired by life connect with their purpose, so they can cultivate clarity and contentment. After spending over a decade seeking her own purpose, and finally finding it through the Akashic Records, she finds great joy in bringing this magical perspective to others, helping them to find greater clarity and meaning in their own lives.


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