The Physical Benefits of Healing from  Trauma Helps More

The Physical Benefits of Healing from Trauma 

January 24, 20233 min read

“Self-compassion is key because when we're able to be gentle with ourselves in the midst of shame, we're more likely to reach out, connect, and experience empathy.

- Brene Brown

The Physical Benefits of Healing From Trauma Helps More

How letting go of shame and healing from trauma will set your body free

Healing From Trauma for Your Body

Emotional struggles impact far more than just the mental realm. When we don’t process traumatic experiences, they live within us, and the toxic vibrations seep into our organs. That’s why holistic healing is vital — it recognizes the intrinsic connections between mind and body when overcoming trauma and the emotions that come with it.

 Are you ready to take control of your mental and physical well-being? Keep reading for guidance on how to process the trauma stored in the body.

The Physical Benefits of Healing From Trauma Helps More

Guilt, Shame, and Trauma

Studies show that shame is the predominant feeling that follows trauma. Even though it may be irrational to blame ourselves, it is a trauma response we often learn in childhood. Shame and guilt are two parts of the same coin; if we do something that causes us to feel shame, guilt often accompanies it.

 Kinesiology is a holistic therapy that measures vibrational bodily responses to determine spiritual imbalances, as energy science tells us that emotions have different vibrations. Shame is considered the lowest level of human consciousness, and living with it can have a detrimental impact on emotional well-being, mental health, and physical health.

How to Heal From Trauma

Recovery is not linear, and healing from trauma is a process that takes patience, courage, and strength. Everyone deserves peace — the healing process is possible for everyone.

Rewrite the Script

During an episode of Light Up Your Worth, Andrea Blint suggested an exercise to support healing, and it all comes down to practice. When you think about a difficult situation, take some time to pretend that you loved it, aiming to transform those memories. This process disarms your body’s response to this particular moment, freeing you to release those harmful emotions.

Healing Through Plants

Use the healing properties of plants to empower your mindset shift with homeopathic medicine. If you are wondering “what is homeopathic medicine?”, the answer is simple. It involves diluted substances that spur the body to heal itself. Popular remedies include aconite, belladonna, chamomile, and red onion.

Finding The Power to Say No

When we suffer traumatic experiences, toxic, harmful thoughts sneak into our consciousness. It is important to remember that you have a choice. You can reject these self-deprecating thoughts that you would never say to another human being. Saying “no” to yourself is a powerful, empowering thing — it reminds you that you are greater than your thoughts alone.

 Join the Conversation

Tune into the conversation between me, Debbie McAllister, and life and mindset coach Andrea Blindt for the full story, including personal experiences and more tips on healing.

Are you ready to make the leap into your own spiritual healing and personal development? It’s easy to experience your energetic healing by visiting our Light Up Your Worth home page.

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Debbie McAllister

Debbie McAllister is a Breakthrough Catalyst Coach, and Light Up Your Worth podcast host. She is also a fur baby mom, once a single momma to an empty nester of a son who continues to inspire her, a spiritual diva, and a mid-life resilient woman who did not give up on herself until she discovered her own worth and self-acceptance after five decades of struggle and found peace. She bravely learned to connect to her own worth and to trust that her superpower was to shine a light for other women to be seen and heard. This is where she found her purpose - coaching other women to get unstuck.

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Debbie's Connecting to your Money workshop was a great way to become more aware of your money stories and how they developed.

She created a safe space for us to get vulnerable and share our childhood stories and experiences around money.

The energy healing at the end was beautiful and a great way to release the money beliefs that no longer serve us.

- Sandra

I wanted to say I did a Sacred Soul Alignment and Clearing with Debbie recently and I not only felt like she picked up on a few specific things going on with me but I felt much lighter and more positive after our session.

Also, I had just recently injured my foot before the session but actually felt like after the session I had way less pain in my foot. I highly recommend her!

- Jessica

I had an amazing session yesterday with Debbie. She is a kind, beautiful soul that took me on a much-needed healing heart session.

She is a Reiki Master and along with the Sacred Soul Alignments that she chose to help with the healing from what my soul needed to heal but also after she listened to me very empathetically to the things I want to work on and where it was making me feel stuck.

During the mediation and the powerful healing, I could feel how things that needed to be let go of were leaving and I have a recording that I can listen to again and again and continue to heal.

I am grateful for our session together and for your healing powers that worked like magic and will continue to help me step up to what I am to be, the best version of me.

She also shared that she has a podcast and go ahead and check it out. I did and the episodes are full of what your soul would need to hear.

Thank you for being you and continue doing what you are doing because the world needs you.

- Cristina


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